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COVID - 19 Information

Update: 16 June 2020 - Thailand has extended the ban on all international flights to 30 June 2020.


Update: 29 March 2020 - Presently there are 1270 COVID-19 cases being treated in Thai hospitals, 111 cases have recovered and 7 have died, bringing the total number of cases detected in Thailand so far to 1388. 

                                            - Places that were not closed under the state of emergency declared from 26 March include hospitals, medical centers, medical clinics, pharmacies, restaurants which are not part of an entertainment spot or place of entertainment, take-away food stalls, residential and dining parts of hotels, small convenience stores, general stores, department stores (but only in the supermarkets, pharmacies, food sections, and sections selling miscellaneous items essential for daily life), factories, securities businesses, financial institutions, banks, ATMs, markets and flea markets selling fresh food, dried food, cooked food, animal feed, medical supplies, and miscellaneous essential items, cooking gas and fuel shops, petrol stations, NGV/LPG gas stations, cargo and passenger terminals including goods and food delivery services.


Update: 28 March 2020 - Economic relief measures approved by Thai government, which may be useful for Maldivian residents and those doing business in Thailand, can be viewed from the following links: 



                                         According to the Thai Department of Disease Control, there are 1139 confirmed COVID-19 cases in Thailand, 100 cases have recovered and 6 have died.   


Update: 27 March 2020 - All entry points into Thailand including border crossings and border checkpoints were closed except for those working with necessary goods transportation services; airline crew and people allowed by the prime minister or permanent secretary of foreign affairs; diplomats, staff of international organizations and work permit holders who have fit to fly health certificates issued nor more than 72 hours before the travel date; and Thai nationals with fit to fly health certificates. 

                                      - Thai banks and financial institutions announced that they have prepared business continuity plans to enable customers and the general public to use important services such as deposit, withdrawal, money transfer and credit services in addition to programs to assist customers previously announced. Digital services are available 24 hours and other services will be provided through bank branches and business offices which will be open for service as often as possible.  


Update: 25 March 2020 - Prime Minister of Thailand, Prayut Chan-o-cha declared a State of Emergency in the country from 26 March to 30 April 2020 to curb the transmission of the highly infectious COVID-19 disease. Entertainment venues, restaurants, educational institutions and shops except for supermarkets, convenience stores, pharmacies, stores selling essential items, banks and food delivery services, are closed in Bangkok. Further restrictions may be announced at any time. People over 70 years of age, children below 5 years and those with diabetes, hypertension, stroke, cardiopathy, respiratory problems and allergies are advised to stay at home. 




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