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JOB VACANCY - Veterinarian (1 August 2019)

The Ministry of Fisheries, Marine Resources and Agriculture of the Government of Maldives is seeking to hire a graduate for the post of a resident veterinarian. The remuneration package for the post of Veterinarian is USD 1500.00 per month, accommodation, travel and health insurance.

       Terms of Reference

  • The veterinarian will work in the Ministry of Fisheries, Marine Resources and Agriculture and provide veterinary services at the Villimale’ Veterinary Service Unit and will also visit some farms on other relevant islands.

  • The Veterinarian will diagnose, treat and perform surgeries on small, companion and farm animals. Veterinarian is expected to provide advice and clarification on queries relating to animal health activities.
  • The veterinarian will develop and update a Standard Operating Procedures Manual (SOP) for the management of import of animal and animal products into the Republic of Maldives for quarantine procedures of companion animals, birds, ornamental fish and marine invertebrates, management of the early warning system, emergency actions and surveillance.
  • The veterinarian will provide technical input into carrying out risk analysis, evaluation of Animal health section, assist in issuing the international certificate for exporting animals, birds and inspect the shipments that come into the country.
  • The veterinarian will be expected to provide technical training to quarantine officer, veterinary staff, farmers, relevant officials and private sector persons on the good agricultural practices related to farming and biosecurity measures.
  • The Veterinarian will prepare necessary documents to establish an Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory for carrying out routine diagnostic tests, laboratory manual for trainees; Conduct training of laboratory personnel, when required arranges international transport of samples to reference laboratories for diagnosis and confirmation of animal disease by prescribed tests.
  • The Veterinarian will develop surveillance and reporting system for zoonotic and animal disease in accordance with OIE guidelines, facilitate in the participation of Maldives in FAO, OIE, GF-TADs sponsored animal health activities and liaise with Environment ministry and Health Ministry on technical matters relating to research, approvals, and complaints.

      Job Type: Full-time, New-Grad, Permanent

      Approximate salary: THB 45,000.00 per month

      Experience: 1 year experience as a veterinarian (preferred)

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