Marriage of Maldivians in Thailand is increasing. Listed below are steps to take to minimise difficulties with respect to marriage and registration of marriage.

  • Obtain a court document from Family Court in Male’ confirming “single status” of the Maldivian(s) who plans to get married
  • Get the Court document stamped by the Foreign Ministry of Maldives
  • Submit the document for attestation by the Embassy of Maldives in Thailand
  • Conduct the marriage ceremony at an Islamic Centre in Thailand

Registration of the marriage in Thailand can be done by submitting ……. to……

Registration of the marriage in Maldives would require a letter from the Embassy. For issuance of the letter please provide us with the following documents:

  • a copy of the Marriage Certificate issued by the Islamic Centre where the marriage was conducted according to Islamic Sharia.
  • Passport and ID card copies of the bride and groom
  • If the bride is a Maldivian, the original letter of consent from Guardian will be required

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