Medical Emergencies

If you are travelling to Thailand due to a medical emergency, it is best to arrange with your hospital for an ambulance service to receive you on arrival at the airport. 

In the case of a medical emergency while in Thailand, it is best to call an ambulance service directly. Noted below are some numbers that can be used to obtain emergency medical assistance in Thailand. 

Public ambulance (nationwide) - 1669

Bumrungrad Hospital (Bangkok) - 020115222

Bangkok Hospital (Bangkok) - 1724

Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital (Bangkok) - 02022-2222

Tourist Police - 1155

Public ambulance services are cheaper. However, those who do not speak Thai may face difficulty in communicating with public ambulance services. Private ambulance services are more expensive but usually more convenient. 

Emergency medical treatment may prove costly even in Thailand. Getting travel/medical insurance is advised for those who travel to Thailand. 

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